Nice kid's apps for kids from 2 to 92 years old. Fascinating, educational and fun. We'd like our kids to look at beautiful things, touch the beauty and create their own miracle worlds with their imagination. Do touch!
Every interactive fairy tale contains:
- a travelling to the new planet
- gorgeous modern illustrations
- at least 5 mini-games
- frame-by-frame animation
-high-quality professional dubbing
Universe tales are stories from an endless galaxy. They are told by Satellite 047, launched from the Earth to search for a new planet to live. Our trusty team is decoding and sketching these stories on the Earth.

Meet our buddy 047! A Tireless traveller, Satellite 047, goes to far galaxies and gets in different adventures there, and tells us about them. And we tell you! If you want to know his extraordinary lifestory, click her.
Meeting with a meteorite
Space charge
Music of singing mushrooms
we give bar-codes, announce new fairy tales, do contests, answer questions, publish colouring pages to download, photo and video instructions how to draw different space things and do a lot of things to interest you in our social media. Join us!

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