Once upon a time Earth's inhabitants learnt that a big asteroid was coming, so in just 500 years it could smash it to pieces. Most of them didn't say anything because of more important things to worry about: oil prices going up, flunking math, etc. But there were others... They created a Satellite and sent him to space in order to find a new planet to live. 46 times exactly did the scientists send the Satellite to space, and 46 times he returned with nothing.
The 47th time the Satellite never made it back. Before he disappeared, the Satellite gave an important message of four letters to the Earth. If you what to know what the message was, here it is – "L-I-F-E". And now from time to time the noise appears on secret frequencies, then a bit hoarse and shy voice is heard that tells another extraordinary tale of life on far planets in the universe. When people do ask him to give the coordinates system, the signal breaks every time. Maybe it's all about broken pins, or, maybe, the Satellite has a reason for not inviting earthlings to other planets...
We, a little support group of Satellite 047, record his tales and put them online in App Store and Google Play, and some scraps of the messages are posted on Facebook.
Keep in mind that that 047 inherited several traits from his creators: being suspicious, susceptible and having habit of embellishing things, so we we would recommend taking his stories with a pinch of salt.
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